misscariage of justice involving a plea bargain?

anyone know of a criminal case where defendant has been wrongly accused of a crime and accepted a plea bargain to a lesser sentence then still been incarcerated.
names, dates, and details of the crime and prison sentence/ time completed in prison would be very helpful… thanks
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its a misscarriage of justice if he is later found not guilty, if police happen to find a person linked with the crime and then evidence proves he comitted the crime.

and i know your going to say if he pleaded guilty the case is solved, however he he pleaded nolo contendere ‘no contest’ (neither admitting his guilt, or protesting the charges against him) it can be a miscarriage of justice, plus if a defendent enter a no contest plea the courts put it down as a guilty plea for sentencing purposes.

just because somoone pleads guilty doesnt mean they committed the crime. e.g a man is in court for murder however he is innocent, if prosecuted for the crime he will get 7 years in prison, if he accepts a plea bargain to plead guilty or no contest the prosecution could drop the charges to manslaughter which carries 3 years.

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  1. Mutt says:

    How is this a "miscarriage of justice?" No one is forced to accept a plea bargain. They have the option to refuse it. And a prison sentence can still be part of a plea bargain. It’s usually a lesser sentence, or, if the death penalty is involved, could be life in prison instead.

    To to answer your question,m under those situations you laid out, no one suffered a "miscarriage of justice." They voluntarily accepted the punishment for a crime they did not commit.

    *EDIT* – I didn’t say anything about them actually having committed the crime. My point is that if they did not commit the crime, but accept a plea bargain, there is no miscarriage of justice.

    If they do not accept the plea bargain, plead "Not Guilty" and they are found "Guilty" by the courts, then a miscarriage of justice has occurred (if they truly did not commit the crime). And it does happen quite often (not common, but often). and when it happens, that person is released from prison, and usually given a compensation based on how long he was incarcerated.

    *EDIT2* – And here is a list of miscarriage of justice cases from around the world:


    *EDIT3* – And here’s another site you might want to check out or do some research on:


  2. laughter_every_day says:

    I know hundreds of prisoners, thousands, who CLAIM to be innocent but who readily plead guilty. If you are asking if I kn ow for a fact that someone is indeed wholly innocent and wrongly accused, I know of no such person.

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