Missing A Connecting Flight–will Travel Insurance Cover This?

I bought air tickets for a round-trip (US-Russia-US) through two different discounted air ticket websites, so the tickets are not transferable to a new flight if I miss a flight for any reason. Also, I will be stopping in Beijing both times–the tickets between US-China I bought from one website and the China-Russia tickets from a different one. So, if one of my flights is delayed by weather, I will miss the connecting flight in Beijing and have to just buy a new ticket. If that happens, are there reasonable travel insurance policies that will reimburse me for the lost ticket?
I’ve looked at a few travel insurance providers. CSA Travel Protection offers “missed connection” reimbursement, but when I read the fine print, it seemed to only cover the first departure. Does anyone know of one that would clearly cover this? Any other suggestions about this issue?

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