Modern Rugs Vs Traditional Rugs

Birth of the modern district Rug

For years, when people spoke of Oriental rugs and handmade rugs, they would refer to a traditional Persian style rug with a border, pony and ancient design motifs. Then came the modern area rug. These rugs are built on upright looms, like carpet makers have made traditional carpets for thousands of years, but the designs are modern and West, broadcast from designer to weaver through a sophisticated, computerized “carpet mapping” system.

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Mixing and matching

It would be logical to assume that a modern area rug belongs in a modern setting and a traditional area rug belongs in a traditional setting . End of story, right? Wrong! It appears that many of the most savvy designers are integrating traditional rugs in modern decor schemes and modern rugs in traditional settings. After decades of maintaining a consistent look and style of furniture and carpeting, it seems that the most progressive contemporary interior designers are combining traditional and modern way that would make their ancestors blanche in horror.

Antique Rugs Modern Flooring

Some of the most successful of these involve design fusion experiments simply elegant traditional area rug in the middle of an elegant modern room . If the colors work together, and if the furniture tend to be simple and plain colors, it can together with the complex pattern of Oriental rugs are both arresting and sublime.

Modern Carpets

Many of today’s most cutting edge design modern rugs are handmade in the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal. It is a known fact that the best wool for carpet making comes from a high mountain sheep, and sheep Nepali certainly fits that description. The carpet weaving tradition that is now centered in Nepal was actually born in neighboring Tibet, but many of the Tibetan master carpet makers fled to Nepal in the wake of the Chinese invasion. Today most Napali weavers use the Tibetan Sennah loop knot in the construction of their carpets.

Modern Carpets in Traditional Settings

Less common is the use of a modern carpet in an otherwise traditional design environment, but this is done with great success on many occasions. The secret is to have the carpet on the quiet side, whether in solid colors or a transition pattern that is modern, but is based on traditional themes. Another thing that makes it work is the integration of colors. If the colors in the carpet perfectly with the colors in the room, the marriage can traditional and modern works beautifully.

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