Mohair Area Rugs

Mohair is a natural fiber obtained from the hair of angora goats. These animals are bred exclusively for this purpose. When the fiber is made from the locks of hair on the sides of the kid mohair goats, it is called "Filik". This fiber is in great demand for its softness. Mohair is highly thought after in the world of fashion.

There are various qualities of mohair that accounts for its popularity. Mohair is noted for beauty and great durability. This makes it a favorite with textile designers. In earlier times, this fiber was used for making seats on trains, coaches and other vehicles. It is noted that the fiber is even warmer than wool and is able to withstand lots of strain.

It is seen that the rugs crafted out of mohair are long lasting and they can be further strengthened and thickened by using linen warp. The natural locks are used to lace the surface of the fabric. The mohair rugs have rich texture.

Mohair rugs add to a rich ambience, with the sturdiness of tanned hide. These rugs have the ability to enhance the d├ęcor of a room. It is advisable to match the color of the rug to the wall color, as this opportunities the effect of the lighting in the room. The rugs add grace and charm to the room.

Mohair is used in floor coverings, wall decorations, furniture covers, bed- spreads and even curtain material. This fiber comes in various earthy shades. This is because the angora herds have fleece ranging from black to white and various shades of red and brown. It is also found in rare shades of silver and charcoal. These colors add to the popularity of this fiber. The colors help the mix-and-match combinations with many furniture options and arrangements.

Source by Jimmy Sturo

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