Mom365 50$ Walmart Gift Card?

Has anyone gotten a voucher for a free 50$ walmart gift card and 3 free magazines and only had to pay 2$? Is this a scam? I got it in the mail and told to call a number to get it. They said i only had to pay 2$ for processing

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2 Responses to “Mom365 50$ Walmart Gift Card?”

  1. Kittysue says:

    You will be billed hundreds of dollars for those magazines. The first 3 they send are free but you signed up for a multiyear subscription
    Not to mention, it’s illegal to ask you to pay ANYTHING if you really won something. Read the FTC website…
    Google Magazine Subscription scams – there are thousands of pages

  2. gazeygoo says:

    I am not surprised you fell for this as you don’t even know where to place a $ sign.

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