Monarch Baggage Allowance discount?

Where can I get Monarch Baggage Allowance discount from?

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3 Responses to “Monarch Baggage Allowance discount?”

  1. luludoodie says:

    You should be so lucky!

    Budget/charter airlines don’t have discount in their vocabulary anymore!
    Extra charges for baggage are the only words they have now!

    Friend travelling by Ryanair was 1kg over on his carry on. They wanted to charge the national debt so he opened his bag,. took out his coat,and put it on! Jobsworth quite happy then!

  2. Debbie c says:

    There are no codes currently I’m afraid!

  3. murphywingedspur says:

    Sorry, but there is no such thing as a ”baggage allowance discount”!! Monarch often have offers on flights and holidays, and print a code on their website ( we fly regularly backwards and forwards from Cyprus to England). If you register on their website, they will email these codes on a regular basis. They often save £10 or £20 on a flight or holiday, but as for luggage, there is no discount……this is where they really make their money!! If you are still unsure, then its probably better to contact Monarch themselves

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