Monologue From A Published Play – Would This Count?

I have an audition for Drama in collage soon and I am required to: “Memorise and perform a 2 minute monologue. This should b from a published play that you have read and can discuss. It should NOT be: self-written, internet-written or from either a film or TV programme.”
I was wondering what counts as a “published play” as I haven’t really read many plays aside from Romeo and Juliet in school. The drama teacher at my school has given me a book of short plays and I have found a really good one, however I am not sure if it actually counts. My teacher says it is a published play, but I am not too sure if that’s what the collage means.
Anyway this is what she gave me:
Would one work or should I find something else? Thanks.

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One Response to “Monologue From A Published Play – Would This Count?”

  1. Cogito says:

    Yes, if it’s by a playwright, and you have the book, it’s a published play.
    But that’s not what they mean – they really mean from a full-length play which you’ve read and fully understood.
    Choosing something from a book like this might make it look like you’re lazy or that you hadn’t made much effort.
    But if your English is so poor that you can’t spell the word ‘college’ I doubt you’ll get a place anyway.
    Mis-spelling it once could be a typo, but twice – no, I don’t think so.

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