Mortgage With Defaults?

I have the right to buy my council flat in Scotland . Because i have lived there for over 15 yrs i am entitled to a 70% discount..
i have just taken an £8500 loan to clear some rent an council tax to allow me to buy my property.
At the start of the month BT added 2 defaults to my file…one is for an old account defaulted on Feb 2010. the other Defaulted on Feb 2012.i am fighting BT for this as i was working away from home an can prove it
I have settled both accounts £115 & £76 instantly.
The defaults so far are only showing on Equifax but not yet showing on Experian..
What are my chances of getting a mortgage? ..Has anyone been in the same situation?.
i think i will be looking for around 20-25k not yet had it valued by the council.
Would it be possible to ask for more to consolidate the 8,5K loan?
Would it be possible to just get the mortgage?
Any advice, help or ideas would be gratefully appreciated
i live alone and i also earn around 28k a year.
i didnt think it would be hard…..but now these Defaults will certainly not make it so easy.
P.s ..i called London Town and Country as i heard they were good.
He just took some details but it didnt sound promising

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One Response to “Mortgage With Defaults?”

  1. Kernow Lady says:

    Don’t use online, talk to a mortgage broker in your area. They are in a better position to shop around for you if you tell them all your facts.
    Good Luck.

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