Mother Keeps Messing Up My Life. I Need Advice!?

My mother keeps forcing me into these embarrassing situations & as a result, I’m a reclusive outcast & not the most popular kid I used to be. She made me work a yard sale, selling our personal items in public for no other reason than that she just wanted to get rid of stuff for the spring. She always does stupid things like that to me & everybody from school sees it & mocks me. She’s the reason I avoid having a girlfriend because I’m too ashamed that people have seen me doing something embarrassing. I’m proud of things like when she makes me cut the grass or something because it shows that I’m a hard working man, but certain things are ridiculous & she couldn’t care less about my social anxiety, she just uses me like a puppet. I’m very well known so every little thing I do everybody knows & gossips about.
She keeps coming into my f*cking room & snooping around. I have nothing to hide but I’m very territorial & it pisses me off like I’ll be sitting there & she’ll come in with the most annoying & pointless conversation about family drama or celebrity nonsense that I couldn’t care less about. And it’s like a magical curse that every time I’m masturbating she knocks on the door with some stupid reason like she wants me to go do something or she wants to talk about something unimportant. So on one hand she prevents me from having a girlfriend but is too stupid to understand that teenage boys need to let off every now & again & the last thing they need is their f*cking mother of all people ruining it. I think God uses her to keep me in line morally because I swear it’s every time!
And my sisters! They keep buzzing around all the damn time bc I’m the man of the house & they gravitate towards me. I can’t bring girls over because my sisters will mock them or drive them away out of jealousy. It’s happened countless times. It’s like a conspiracy from the females in my house to make sure I can never branch off in life because they’re too stupid & weak to take care of their selves. I have no problem looking out for my family but one thing I’ve noticed is that females have no conscience when it comes to using the ‘nice guy’ like a doormat & they know I never complain against them so they take advantage, mistaking my kindness for weakness. They all have friends & boyfriends. My mother has friends & a boyfriend. Meanwhile, I keep rejecting girls underhandedly out of pure fear & shame, and only a select few friends. I don’t know what to do about this nightmare. How can I tell them to let me have a life? I’m 14 btw so please don’t judge too harshly.

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2 Responses to “Mother Keeps Messing Up My Life. I Need Advice!?”

  1. Brianna says:

    Well, tell her how you feel! I get the social anxiety thing(that’s me, dude) and if you can’t say it face to face, write them all a letter. But be polite too.
    “Hey mom, I really don’t like when you talk about my life to other people. It also makes me feel really uncomfortable when you make me(___fill in the blank____) Also, can I have a little space? It drives me nuts when you walk into my room and go through my stuff!”
    So something along those lines.

  2. ❤HappyHa says:

    At least you’re not me. I’m a 14 year old girl who has a father who thinks I’m a worthless
    waste of time and money. I hope you’re not a troll. Don’t worry about the drama or your friends, because just know that in 20 or so years nobody will even remember anything about you. I remember that every time I do something embarrassing.

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