Movado Men’s and Women’s Watches

Movado men’s and women’s watches have some great and artistic features and come in ergonomic designs with creative displays of time. The price of the Movado watches are a little on the higher side but not too expensive. However that shouldn’t stop you from buying one as each Movado watch is a classic masterpiece time keeper.

One of the signature styles of Movado men’s and women’s watches is the classic one dot at the 12 o’clock mark although it can make reading time more difficult but it exudes a definitive class and style. There are also sports edition in Movado watches, although you won’t find too many varieties. All the Movado sport watches have a similar appearance like same kind of strap style, same color dials and hands.

On the Movado watch website, there is a line that describes a Movado watch completely and it says, “The art of Movado is the art of time.” Movado was found in 1881 by Achille Ditesheim in the Swizz village Chaux-de-Fonds. Like most Swiss watch companies, Movado has slowly and steadily grown in reputation and customer base due to its quality, unique designs, and precision time keeping technology. When Ditesheim founded Movado, he was just 19 years old. Movado has a legacy in terms of design and has more than 100 patents to their name apart from the 200 or more international awards it has received for design and innovation in the industry. Movado means ‘always in motion’ and this is the single most important strategy behind each Movado watch produced.

In 1900, Achille was awarded the silver medal at the Paris Universal Exhibition, and after this early success, he started working with his brothers and began focusing on modernizing the production process and strategies to improve the technical expertise and creativity.

While Achille set up a new factory with modern machines, his brother Isacc Ditesheim financed him. In 1905, Achille’s career witnessed a milestone when Movado was chosen as the brand name for the company. Movado men’s and women’s watches got the company more awards including the first Gold medal in the Universal Exhibition in Leigo.

The Movado brothers as they were now known started to pay more attention to the artistic design value and the creative aspect of the Movado men’s and women’s watches as well as to the technical aspects. Their full focus on these artistic values and quest for technical excellence helped them set many important milestones like:-

o 1912: The release of ‘Polyplan’ wristwatch with its curved case that was designed to fit the contours of a human’s wrist

o 1926: The Ermeto watch that had the abilities to wind itself and protect itself from shocks, rising temperature and pressure variations

o 1947: The famous museum watch face design creation by designer Nathan George Horwitt that it began to manufacture in 1961

o 1988: The limited release of the Andy Warhol Times/5 collector’s watch. Movado produced just 250 of them and sold only 200.

Truly, Movado men’s and women’s watches are a class apart and a true heirloom for those who believe in beauty and functionality.

Source by Hayi Mansoor

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