Mr. Blochirt Is Creating A College Investment Fund For His Daughter. He Will Put In $16,000 Per Year For The N?

Mr. Blochirt is creating a college investment fund for his daughter. He will put in $16,000 per year for the next 12 years and expects to earn a 7% annual rate of return. How much money will his daughter have when she starts college?
A $275,195
B $274,182
C $286,208
D 286,935
Mike Carlson will receive $16,000 a year from the end of the third year to the end of the 16th year (14 payments). The discount rate is 11%. The present value today of this deferred annuity is:
A $97,748
B $71,986
C $85,180
D $90,710
Sharon Smith will receive $1.19 million in 30 years. The discount rate is 13%. As an alternative, she can receive $30,940 today. Which should she choose?
A $61,880 today.
B she should be indifferent.
C the $1.19 million dollars in 50 years.
D need more information.
The IF for the future value of an annuity is 7.336 at 8% for 6 years. If we wish to accumulate $24,000 by the end of 6 years, how much should the annual payments be?
none of these
Dr. J. wants to buy a Dell computer which will cost $3,900 two years from today. He would like to set aside an equal amount at the end of each year in order to accumulate the amount needed. He can earn 9% annual return. How much should he set aside?
How much must you invest at 10% interest in order to see your investment grow to $12,000 in 12 years?
none of these
If you invest $18,000 at 6% interest, how much will you have in 15 years?
To save for her newborn son’s college education, Lea Wilson will invest $18,000 at the beginning of each year for the next 14 years. The interest rate is 9 percent. What is the future

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