Muscle Building Routines – How to Find One That Works!

Looking for a muscle building routine? There are lots of muscle building routines out there, but how do you find one that really works? The experts all contradict each other, the advice magazines contradict each other, and nothing seems to make a difference. With so many options to choose from, and so much confusing information, it can be hard to know where to start.

The reality is, if you want to find a muscle building routine that works, you need to think outside the box. Most of the expert advice is from, and for, people who put muscle on easily. That is why they're considered experts. Their advice may not be good for the rest of us.

Most of us are not naturally good muscle builders. If we were, we would not be looking high and low for a muscle building routine that works! The key to finding something that works is finding a muscle building routine that is designed for the rest of us.

But what about the guys at the local gym? They work hard for the muscle they have. They probably know a lot about how muscle building routines work, and can give you some good tips, can not they?

Maybe, maybe not; keep in mind, the guys at the local gym are either regulars, work there, or know about as much as you do. Chances are the regulars and guys who work there probably have a lot more time to work out then you do. Most of us can not afford to spend our entire evening every day at the gym. One evening a week and an hour a day is about max.

So, if you're looking into muscle building routines, it's time to stop looking at the experts, stop looking at the gyms, and start looking at what will work. It's time to start looking for a routine that will work for those of us who need to work for our muscle, but do not have hours to do it in. Try looking for a routine that works smarter, not longer, and that does not stop when you leave the gym.

Source by Ben Dixon

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