Music Festivals – What Do I Need to Bring

The Music Festival season is now here, you’ve got Reviews these priceless tickets, now what else do I need to bring really depends on how you like to travel. I always take the following Constant It makes the whole experience even more better.

A lighted ice probably the most important article that you need to bring, not only are you comfortable to sleep in it, but if it decides to rain you’ve got shelter likewisethat if it was blistering hot you’ve got shade or if you just need a little privacy, you’ve got it.

If you do decide to sleep, you should bring a good sleeping bag that is not going to be too hot because it’s summer and not two heavy as you want to ask requires two wear it over a certain distance from the parking lot , a bed food should also ask bought after all you need a bit of cushioning from the hard ground.

Camp stoves and cookware is a really useful point two generates, especially if you are on a budget, no more paying for overpriced hot dogs and pies cheaper than its fancy can be shared by a number of people reduce the total bill.

Sunscreen I could not count how many times I’ve been asked for sunscreen city people those who have not bought any, you will not enjoy the festival, if you are sunburned. So do not forget it or a hat, or you will regret it.

Clean underwear is a necessity that want to be in their crusty lingerie longer merely They should be do not forget napkins and toilet paper or your underwear will ask brittle very quickly.

and finally bring plenty of water, you will need the two keep yourself hydrated and live plus as food purchased at the venue if you bring your own, you will not be cheated.

While this is not a definitive list it should go someways two gives you a nice festival experience.

Peter Lazarus is the owner of two ticketing sites serving embarrass the US and UK markets

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