My 14th Is In Two Weeks And I Don’t Know What To Get. Help?

I already have a laptop, ipod, phone, e-reader.
I don’t want clothes or makeup or music. or giftcards
Yes im picky and a girl

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2 Responses to “My 14th Is In Two Weeks And I Don’t Know What To Get. Help?”

  1. you, me and kinect says:

    Ipod case, gym equipment (weights, skipping rope, kettle bell), dvd’s (movies you like or the seasons of your favorite tv shows), merchandice of your favorite bands, purse/wallet, sunglasses, pajamas, scented candles, room decor (wall decal, bedding, fairy lights, throw pillows, whiteboard), chocolate/candy, jewelry, stationary, sports gear if you play a sport, voucher for a massage or facial etc, digital camera, magazine subscription, GHD straightener, nail polish…
    Of the things you’ve said you don’t want, what if you went online and printed out things that you actually like, clothes/shoes/bag wise and give it to your parents as a guide so they know what type of things you would want?

  2. Makayla says:

    Well all teens like receiving money. I should kno I’m 14, money might be a good.

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