My Boyf Went Clubbing With Work Mates? Read Details?

I asked this before, but clearly people arent reading properly.
Right, so my boyf is a chef in a busy restaurant/brasserie in West London, he works in the kitchen with around 10 men and then the floor is maybe 5 girls and 8 men. He is best friends with two of the waiters and shares a house with them and the chefs are also his really good friends. He has been working there for over a year and we’ve been together 6 months. He has always said he doesn’t talk much to the people at work as he likes to keep it separate (apart from his mates, who he knew before the job)
Anyway he went out clubbing with them once before we met and again recently.His mates go often with the whole of the team but my boyf isn’t big into clubbing. They get invited to clubs as part of promotions in that area, and would be on the guest-list and the restaurant pays for the drinks as they get discount in the club. His mates are quite chatty and always gossip about the girls at work. Normally not very nice, they’re ugly, slow and weird apparantly. Anyway apparantly before we met my boyf was out with them and the manager of the floor (A woman) was drunk and went over to where my boyf and another chef were sitting with a bottle of Champagne and 2 glasses and asked each for a kiss in exchange for a glass of champagne. My boyf swears it was just a peck, she kissed both of them and that they barely spoke at work before and after that. He says that she was moaning at them for not dancing, but the chefs all decided to leave after.
My boyfs mates go out alot with work colleagues and as far as I know nothing else happened. I don’t want to be the girl stopping him from having a good time, but I can’t get it out of my head. Do you reckon it was innocent. he has always said that nights out with them are boring thats why he doesn’t go. And I know it happened before we met and he has only gone once in the time we’ve been together but I don’t want to stop him either. I don’t want him to feel he shouldn’t go because of my insecurity.
Please tell me do you reckon it was as innocent as he said?? Do you reckon he is quiet at work?? I can’t help but feel like I should watch my back. Yet at the same time his mates works with him and even they say he is like rude at work and not how he is at home.
He doesn’t know its bothering me and I don’t want him to not go out, the opposite.I’m not one of those ‘Don’t enjoy yourself’ girls. My question is simply-is it normal that a girl would do this? To men she doesn’t even talk to at work? Just wondering if people reckon it was just a peck? And if they think its normal? We go out togetehr all the time, and he is a quiet guy, and doesnt get mad drunk.

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