My Boyfriend Didn’t Get Me Anything For Our 1 Year Anniversary, I Feel Kind Of Hurt?

Hi, so iv been with my boyfriend for over a year. And I just had our 1 year anniversary last weekend, and he didn’t get me anything for me anything or plan anything. Before you think I’m just selfish… I’m not a materialistic person. I don’t think that receiving gifts is a way of showing love.
I enjoy giving gifts and don’t care Bout receiving gifts. He works, so he does have money. I went out and bought him a really nice ring and a voucher to his favorite auto store.
I Came over to his house in the morning and surprised him with breakfast in bed.
But he didn’t do anything for me, or even get me a card. I don’t know how to say to him that I feel a Little hurt that he didn’t put in any effort and try and treat me like his princess (he calls me that)
It feels like its a one way street. The day before our anniversary he bought a exhaust system for his car…..
It’s my 18th birthday next week… It’ll be interesting to see if he gets me anything. I know his mum has organized something for me.

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4 Responses to “My Boyfriend Didn’t Get Me Anything For Our 1 Year Anniversary, I Feel Kind Of Hurt?”

  1. ? says:

    Maybe he just didn’t remember

  2. Max says:

    Communication is the problem here. You guys didn’t talk about celebrating the anniversary with gifts. If you did, he definitely forgot. Since he may have forgotten, he may feel horrible and doesn’t want to do anything now cuz then you’ll know he forgot and feels it’s too late. would just talk to him calmly about it. No matter his answer DON’T get mad. Effective communication is the foundation of a healthy relationship. You need to TELL us.. Not in full detail but most males have absolutely no clue unless you tell us. Doesn’t mean we don’t love you, we’re just stupid.

  3. Marie says:

    im sorry but thats reeeeeallly messed up. i feel you should talk to him about it. say it just like you typed it here, “i dont think gifts is the only way to show love” etc. But he couldve at least taken you somewhere and apologized. Tell him how you feel, because thats really messed up. And if he gets mad and doesnt care or seems like he doesnt want to listen to you, that just shows that hes a jerk off and that you need to dump his ***.

  4. Jason says:

    Maybe his taking you a trip to Paris or Italy.
    just wait patiently.

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