My Boyfriend Never Pays For Me And Wont Get The Hint?

Me and my boyfriend have been together for almost 3, we’re both 19. I love him to bits and can’t imagine being without him but from the beginning of our relationship he has never paid for me for anything. Our first year of being together we never actually went on a single date, don’t ask me why, I cant remember. But he never pays for anything, he’s only recently got a job which is around 3 shifts a month and he gets about £25 a shift as well as money from his parents which i know isn’t a lot, and despite me helping him apply to over 30 jobs he always declined because he doesn’t want to work, which also really makes me angry considering i work every weekend as well as college and he does nothing.
Basically he doesn’t ever offer to take me out, if i want to go out i have to ask him. I have hinted so much for him to take me out and that doesn’t work, i was desperate to go to the pantomime last christmas and just kept saying “but i don’t really have the money to pay for my ticket until i get paid but i wanna go before christmas..” and nothing, i thought he might at least say “well i could book it and stuff and you can pay me back?” but nope. He bought me a cinema voucher for christmas to see an imax movie and the voucher didn’t cover the price of a whole ticket, as well as the fact we went on a 241 cinema ticket day so it was covering his ticket as well, the woman asked for £5 extra and he just looked at me! So he bought me half a cinema ticket so his was free and then i had to pay the rest! I thought it was so rude
This week we were supposed to be going out for dinner as ive had quite a rough month and he knows im feeling down, but (its a long story why) i haven’t got enough money. After i told him about my friends new boyfriend who took her on a cinema date, dinner, took a taxi to her house so she didn’t go alone even though he lives miles in the opposite direction and paid for that too, i told him “sorry i was really looking forward to going but i cant afford dinner on friday :(“, all he said was “oh okay”.
I know i sound spoiled and stuff its just im always the one who pays for our cinema tickets or food and he just says “ill pay you back” and never does, ive tried hinting a million times and he wont get it and i know “blahblahblah women should be independent and equal and stuff” but i think its common courtesy for a guy to treat a girl sometimes, im absolutely skint as well as trying to save for a car while he gets over £100 into his bank every month and doesn’t spend a penny on anything including me. Im fed up of being taken for granted :/ Am i being upset for no reason?

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4 Responses to “My Boyfriend Never Pays For Me And Wont Get The Hint?”

  1. Emma says:

    he’s not worth it. any guy that loves you, even if he barely has any money will try anything and put an effort to pay for you

  2. STEPHEN says:

    Why do you expect him to pay for you?

  3. roderick says:

    You sound like an amazingly kind and forgiving woman. You’re free to choose whom you love, but if you ask me, he doesn’t deserve you. If you continue with this guy, he is unlikely to change. There’s a huge difference between being unable to find work, and unwilling to take it. The former is a result of circumstance, the latter is basic character.

  4. Jeannette B says:

    He’s using you. You need to cut him loose.

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