My Computer Is Making A Weird Beeping Noise :(?

it was working fine last night, left it on over night to download stuff then un the morning it was still on but in the bios screen?!?!?!
system specs can be found here:

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2 Responses to “My Computer Is Making A Weird Beeping Noise :(?”

  1. Luvly says:

    Looks like u have a virus or what you have downloaded is too much for your computer and it needs removing off ur computer.
    I would take it to a computer shop and see if they know the problem.
    Hope this helped

  2. William says:

    Turn off your PC
    then check your
    -RAM (random access memory) if its tight in the socket.
    -HDD (Hard Disk Drive) if its not overheating or try another pin for its power supply.
    -Check also the processor temperature.
    These 3 are sometimes the primary cause of beeping.
    Just check it 🙂

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