My cordless drill says it's got an electric brake as a feature? What's the brake for?

I’ve got this exact drill….. (although paid lot lot less than this)

Can you please explain in simple terms why it’s got an electric brake? Surely if I’m drilling in to something difficult I don’t want it to brake to be somehow applied to make it even harder.

Also I need to put up some brackets in the garage, and the garage is made of brick. Would I be able to use this type of cordless drill to drill in to brickwork, or is it not suitable? I don’t want to wreck the drill.


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7 Responses to “My cordless drill says it's got an electric brake as a feature? What's the brake for?”

  1. TSM_908 says:

    When you stop holding the trigger the braking will start so the drill stops quickly allowing you to put the drill down more safely, otherwise you waste time whilst waiting for the spinning to stop before you can put it down. Before brakes people got impatient and put the drill down whilst it was spinning down and this was a dangerous practice and was the case of injuries where the spinning bit got caught on the cable and cause electrocution or caught something else which spun the drill causing the bit your enter the persons arm or hand causing physical damage.

  2. michael s says:

    just means when you let go of the trigger it stops quicker if its above 18 volts no problem will drill in brick if 12v then yes a bit at a time

  3. daffyduct2006 says:

    The brake makes it stop instantly when you release the trigger. It’ll work on you brick wall with a masonry bit. Drill into the mortar joints, although a hammer drill would be easier on you.

  4. sues says:

    thats fantastic ive got the latest drill ,and it doesnt say anything to me.

  5. Justico says:

    To make holes in breaks is better use a hammerdrill.

  6. ** co.** says:

    SAFETY so you don’t drill straight through something if you let go of the switch the brake activates normal drills Slow down Gradually and come to a complete stop also in case you start drilling through your hand and want to stop. 😉

  7. Heather D says:

    Its a safety feature. It stops the drill from over turning, tightening screws so much they break or the whole thing snapping back in your face.

    Read your manual.

    Thats a good bit of kit you’ve bought!

    It will need to have hammer feature on it for you to drill into brick.

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