My Divorce Lawyer That Is A Woman Like Me Is Very Sweet And I Really Started To Like Her…?

I am devastated that my ex to be husband is all moved on and somebody else will love him and I will be happy for him. My lawyer told me “you do too, you will find somebody that want to be with you that is searching someone like you, you have a lot of things to offer, did you ever thought about it?” I must be just another case I’m just her another client but she is really sweet and nice person. Plus she gives me most of the times discounts and it’s a big help from her already…I will miss her but not the bill 🙂 lol Yes I will miss her I wish I can get to know her once the divorce is finalized that will be nice to go out with her for a coffee or a walk just to get to know her…Am I falling for her? Should i ignore my feelings towards her? Or pursue it? And how can I pursue it? how can I ask her out? I’m too shy.Even just to be her friends it will be awesome already because I just love talking to her. She’s just amazing person!
People what do you think?

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3 Responses to “My Divorce Lawyer That Is A Woman Like Me Is Very Sweet And I Really Started To Like Her…?”

  1. reach-4- says:

    dont mix business with pleasure. she is your attorney. keep it that way. it is great that you have an attorney that you can trust. keep it that way. Listen to her advise. Move on. It is hard, as is divorce, but you must. Attorneys view their clients as clients. keep it that way.

  2. hippieCh says:

    I say maybe you should wait till you are processing your emotions properly , right now you are clinging to the first open hand there is and although she may be nice , she could also turn out to be just about business, maybe keep in touch here and there but take it slow.

  3. John says:

    How can you be “devastated” and “will be happy for him” at the same time? She may just like you as a friend. If she’s interested, she’ll let you know.

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