My Educational Future, Im Worried About It !!! ?

hey there everyone 🙂
i am from syria, and i came to germany 9 months ago. i started learning the language 7 or 8 months ago and started going to a proper gymnasium 6 months ago. but they out me in 10th grade which i have already done and graduated from in syria and iam 17. my german is okay, but in school i dont understand a word from the lessons its too difficult for me. for the next school year i am moving to stuttgart in germany. i visited an international school there which teaches in english which is a really good thing bu the problem is that it is so expensive even with the discounts they made for us. anyway, i visited another private school called “intellegium” it is all in german and i am so afraid that i wont be able to understand or follow the lessons. this school doesn’t have classes like tenth then eleventh then twelfth, it just prepares students for the baccalaureate of Germany “abitur”. I really am so afraid of studying in german and i know that i dont have the guts t talk in german in a class with german student because i am afraid of being laughed at. and in this school, people think that i am so stupid with erman because i only speak english to them and no german at all. so if anyone knows any other schools that could be best for my situation in stuttgart, germany. please tell me. please tell me what i could do. and if anyone knows a really good german course over the summer there just to make my german better. I really appreciate your help nd i am really really scared because i have always been a good student and now i am not understanding a thing and the german and syrian system are SOOO DIFFERENT.

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