My Ex Girlfriend Who Left Me For Another Guy And Had His Baby Is Asking Me To Take Care Of This Baby Now?

Last year my ex girlfriend broke up with me for another guy. She stayed with me in my home for 7 months. Didn’t have to pay a mortgage, she used one of my cars to go to school and had a little part time job and we always had money and went out to nice restaurants on the weekends and enjoyed ourselves.. Then one night, she went out with her girlfriends, one of them introduced her to another guy. They started going out behind my back. She came home the one day and just told me it was over which no explanation. She just packed up and left to move in with this other guy.. Long story short, she got pregnant with him and then he ended up going to jail (which he is right now) because he was abusive hitting her with a brick while she was pregnant and just constant hitting her because he had a drug problem (heroin) and started selling her watches, purses, stealing money from her credit card and bank accounts etc. She came back to my house today about 5 months pregnant crying for me to take her back now that she can’t afford the rent and has nowhere to go? So why do i need to take care of her if she was the one who left. I told her to please leave to go to your parents house. She said she needs money? I told her i’m not a bank and to get lost and to go find a shelter to sleep until you figure out what you want in life. I already know the baby is 100% NOT MINE because when we were together we never had sex. Even when i tried to kiss her good-bye when i went to work she would sometimes turn her head away from me. She kept me celibate for the whole time we were together! She used to always say she wasn’t ready to make that move yet then she goes out and sleep wit this guy 2 weeks after meeting him? She just thinks she can walk back in my life with this baby and help care for it? Please! Most women don’t appreciate good men these sadly.. I always had a nasty taste in my mouth about women in general and how they are never satisfied no matter what you do for them. But my question is why do women always say they want a good man by their side and when they get one they don’t appreciate them?

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6 Responses to “My Ex Girlfriend Who Left Me For Another Guy And Had His Baby Is Asking Me To Take Care Of This Baby Now?”

  1. Brian says:

    Ok I have had some experience in this area. I can only say is that when this **** happens to me I don’t let them boss me around. Discounting the fact I cold cut someones throat without blinking. If she thinks she owns your life she needs a taste of reality. I suggest moving on or trying to patch things up and have results where your not being crapped on. Good Luck.

  2. Arika says:

    I think women can ask the same question of men. But it just comes down to the person. If she’s saying she wants a good man, she knows what she lost in you and is wanting you to take her back because she had it good with you. Ignore her, cut ties and find someone who deserves you. She made her bed, let her lie in it.

  3. Zinkee Minkee says:

    Hi we meet again David!
    I would NOT take her in. Once you make a mistake – its a mistake. The next time you make a mistake – it is stupidity.
    Besides – why would you want to do social service? Government provides plans for people like her – to turn their life around. She HAS to learn to be responsible for her baby and the mistakes SHE made.
    Answer this – Do you plan to marry her? If No Then why do you want to waste your money on her???

  4. soul says:

    Stop asking this freaking question.

  5. kennedy says:

    Don’t take her back. It was her choice to cheat on you and leave. She got herself into that position on her own. It’s none of your responsibility.

  6. Cathy Howard says:

    Run man RUN

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