My Ex Moved On… But His Friends Haven’t? Why Can’t I Move On? Please Help?

My boyfriend and I broke up in May. We ended because I felt like we weren’t a big priority and thought it was best to split up and just see how things went when we could make time for each other (I truly meant that) and i was taking the relationship status down on facebook, after not speaking for a week and a half due to his “busy-ness”. He deleted me from Skype, my Facebook and all of our pictures. I tried speaking to him a few days after it blew over, but he ignored me.
A few days later, his best friend, who became a mutual friend of ours, deleted me too and wanted nothing to do with me. For most of the first month, I tried speaking to my ex, and he always ignored me, so I let it go for a while, and tried one last time to amend things with him, didn’t work. His best friend added me back and explained that I deserved better than my ex and that he knew he wasn’t putting me first at all, but it wouldn’t be anytime soon before my ex speaks to me again. Gradually, he started inviting me to group parties like he did when my ex and I were together, leading me to (falsly) believe there was still some hope, but I just never went in fears of running into him.
For the next month, it seemed like I ran into all of his friends. One at a club who was almost in tears telling me my ex loves me, but that his friends all felt sorry for me because he was putting his video gaming before me and I was the only one who could tell him any sense, all he thinks about his career and not even about his friends. my night ended in tears. another friend I randomly ran into said my ex called me crazy when we broke up, and that he does well as a pro gamer now.
randomly, one of his other friends added me on Facebook, one who I’d only spoken to once.
by September, his best friend and I seemed to be solid friends and I trusted him in telling him about the random occurrences of his friends. some girl that wanted to be with my ex started talking to me on Facebook about how she and my ex didn’t work out for pretty much the same reason why he and I broke up, and talking about how she wasn’t in love with him and discounted my love for him. crazy *****. she then flaunts in my face that my ex begged her back, and I stopped talking to her. I told my ex’s friend about it, he said he did like her but wouldn’t date her. I told him I thought she was bad news and couldn’t believe he’d like someone as crazy as her.
not even the next day, the best friend calls me a stalker for talking to that girl, says that my ex never liked me because of my race and only used me for sex and that when I was begging to talk to him, my ex asked him which girl to choose and the best friend said to choose me because I had the better body but guess my ex chose wrong. he said the only reason why he was even friends with me on fb was so i could still check up on my ex, (which was partially true, but i trusted him after he said i deserved better and went to him with my annoyances with running into all of his friends) and i said no, you wanted nothing to do with me in the first place, YOU came back around, i didn’t ask for you back at all… and told him to go eff himself for saying that horrible crap.
i deleted every person associated with my ex on Facebook, including that friend.
fast forward to now, I get an invite from that guy’s girlfriend for his birthday party… my ex will be there. she knows we aren’t friends with either of them… why is this even happening?
not to mention, my ex is now dating that crazy *****.
all summer I tried relentlessly to tell my ex I made a mistake, sent him cards, wrote emails, texted and called him to tell him how sorry I was, and not once did he answer me. it took me to my breaking point to stop this because it was silly and it was obvious he was not interested. it just seems like when I try to go out and meet new people, or forget about him like he did so easily to me, I get sucked in by the people closest to him.
is this fate, karma or just another bullet i need to dodge…?

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One Response to “My Ex Moved On… But His Friends Haven’t? Why Can’t I Move On? Please Help?”

  1. Emily says:

    you are not fully over your ex until you fall in love again

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