My Favourite Teacher Is Leaving :(?

My teacher is a 26 year old female and i am a 16 year old female. So today was my favourite teachers last day and tomorrow night is my year 10 formal and she is coming. Tomorrow will be the last time the I will probably ever see her 🙁 she has been there for me so much and Infront of her I keep a brave face but at night when I’m in bed I jut think of so many memories and just cry. She is the most happiest person that you will ever meet, she is so positive and I honestly love her to pieces. I have no idea what to do. Can someone tell me what I can do? I have got her email and she said I can email her and stuff. I wrote her a 3 page letter and I will give it to her tomorrow at my formal and I also got her a $50.00 gift voucher to her favourite shop.
So what can I do?
Can someone give me some words that will hake me happy and be positive?
How do I cope with this?
Please no stupid answers saying I’m lesbian or in love because
a) i have a boyfriend and b) she has just had a huge impact on my life.
Thanks :'(

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