My Favourite Teacher Is Moving Schools?!?! :(?

So im 15 years old and a girl and my favourite teacher is 25 and a female. She is blonde, fit and heaps pretty.
Today i was talking to her and asked her if she would be teaching PE next year and she started tearing up and said ” awww im so sorry but 2 weeks ago i found out that i had to move schools because i was only filling it” i almost cried.
This teacher has been their for me since the start, she has let me cry to her about problems and she cried to me about hers. We get along so good and i have been down all day about this.
On her last day, me and a few of my friends are having a surprise party and making her a cake and just talking about all the good memories. We are all making her a big card and i am also writing her a personal letter along with a $50.00 gift voucher to her favourite shop along with some flowers.
I dont know what to do because i am just so upset. I want to keep in contact with her but she cant have me on Facebook or anything because of her teaching career. Can i email her?
Please just tell me what you think and what else i could do? :'(

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3 Responses to “My Favourite Teacher Is Moving Schools?!?! :(?”

  1. WhitneyC says:

    Oh my goodness, this so sweet. You sound like a super sweet girl! I know how you feel in a round about way because every single best friend I have had since Kindergarten has moved away. I am not kidding either. My first best friend was Emily. We met at three. But in third grade she moved away! Lucky for us our parents are best friends and we see each other at least once a month. Next, my best friend in 4th grade Shelbi moved away in 5th grade then my best friend Katelynn moved away in 6th grade. THEN(yes I had lots of best friends!) My best friends of 7th grade to freshman year Sidney Mahaila and Kaylee all moved away the same year. As depressing as that sounds, I still keep in touch with every single one of them! Emily will always be my very best friend obviously. It is so painful when people we love leave us and move away from us, but I am sure you have made a very large impression on this teachers career and she will always remember you for being so sweet and kind to her as teaching is a tough career. I would suggest to email her, and once she moves away and is no longer your teacher you can actually be friends with her on facebook and it’s okay. You could also text or even as old fashioned as it is, you could write each other letters! When I was a junior in high school my boyfriend moved away from California to Maryland. Life goes on, enjoy the time you have left with your teacher and I know you will be able to keep in contact with her:)

  2. ;DD says:

    Email her. Some teachers are comfortable with adding former students, but some aren’t. I can tell that she’s not really comfortable with adding students on Facebook, especially since she’s sorta new into the teaching career. You can always visit her at where she works, but email is the best.

  3. Ian M says:

    I would think the decision rests with the teacher, simply ask her if it would be ok with her to keep in touch by email. I retired from teaching 20 years ago and some of my former pupils still stay in touch.

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