My Friend Has Been Taking Advantage Of My Friendliness?

so theirs this guy who I’ve known since 8th grade (I’m going to call him M) and we’ve never really been that close, but when my senior year came around (his junior year) he and I became a little bit closer.
This all started when I drove him to his house after school so he will have a way home. M started a conversation that basically ended in him asking to come over my house, not knowing him fully I steered the conversation Else declining. after that day he’s been asking me for rides more frequently. (he got my # from a anime club that I started but It never really became official)
IMPORTANT: last year before Christmas break he asked me what am I getting for christmas? I told him then I asked him the same question. he said “nothing, my mom ain’t got no money”. normally I wouldn’t believe someone right off the back when they say that but knowing him since 8th grade his parents were a little poor.
a few days before christmas I thought about what he said deeply and I decided to buy him a new game (my friend couldn’t keep his mouth shut and told M) so I buy him the new game and then he pick up a new xbox Controller and ask if I can pay a little for it. so I pay like $9 for it . then when we got to the mall he said he didn’t have much money so I give him about $4-5’s to eat and I said “bring change back”…after receiving my food I walked to him and he said “hey I got 2 gyros for the price of one”.. It comes t eat and he has 2 gyros on his plate and I said “so they let you get gyros for the price of 1?” he responds “something like that”.
Then we go to a watch salesman, M finds a old chane that caught his eye, He ask how much? and then he ask my for $65. I lied saying I don’t have that much money. the salesman says I’ll give u a discount $35 so I gave him $35 and he said he’ll pay me back…
what made me mad was that I saw a $20 bill and some ones in his wallet
what should I do? should Receive my money they cut connections with him?

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2 Responses to “My Friend Has Been Taking Advantage Of My Friendliness?”

  1. RiRi says:

    Yes! get the money back off him. Either by asking for it straight off hand or by reminding him that he owes you that money (he could of forgotten). If he still keeps asking for money off you, ask yourself can you stay in a relationship (friendwise!!) with this guy if he keeps trying to hussle money off you

  2. Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain says:

    Yes, definitely ask for your money back – then it’s up to you whether you want to see him casually, or just cut ties altogether, although he doesn’t sound the kind of person you’d want to keep in your life longterm. You probably should have confronted him at the time when your saw the money in his wallet, but you sound too nice for that – and maybe he’s counting on you not being confident enough to ask for your money back too? Friendship and money generally don’t mix, regardless of how close your friends are to you, so consider it a lesson learnt.. Good luck!

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