My Laptop Has, I Think, Been Attacked By A Scam Demanding I Pay £100 Fine. What Should I Do?

I have a Samsung NP300 E5C and I’m on Windows & Home Prem OA. My website is BT Yahoo. The window that appears when I log on claims to come from Police Central e-crime Unit / Metropolitan Police / Cheshire Interpol Police Authority. I live in Anglesey and our police service is North Wales Police which confirms my suspicion about them. I have tried changing my password (I have to press Control/Alt /Delete to do this) but this made no difference and now it won’t recognise my old or new password. I cannot get online at all now and only this page will appear. It demands that I should pay via a Ukash or Paysafe card which I am supposed to obtain and then put in the voucher number/PIN, again obviously not proper proceedure. I am being held to ransom obviously. What can I do other than pay the ransom money?

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  1. Elliott says:

    I had the same problem a few months ago. If you have access to YouTube get on that and you can find loads of videos of how to get rid of it. It’s a scam. Pay nothing. Think it’s alled the police virus or something like that. Hope this helps

  2. racer15 says:

    reinstall windows

  3. Ⓐⓝⓖⓔⓛ says:

    ALSO Norton sucks- otherwise u woudnt be in this situation. have u every tried uninstalling Norton? it attaches itself and and all of its Symantics files, to ur computer, never protects it- blocks pages that are ok and safe- and trying to remove Norton turns into a nightmare-often requiring special removal tools- as no mater how u try, it will STILL be SOMEWHERE in ur computer.
    DO NOT give anyone money- it is a scam.
    Yes, u are infected wit malware. It so happens that this week alone i have answered this question to more than 100 people.
    I recommend following these easy step by step instructions. It will clean out ur computer from any malware/spyware/viruses.
    Step #1. Restart, and before the computer logo comes on( dell, hp, or whatever ur computer is) PRESS F 8 A COUPLE OF TIMES– a black screen with white lettering will appear. with ur u and down arrows, select SAFE MODE WITH NETWORKING) the computer should look weird as it starts up in safe mode.
    Step #2.Download Superantispyware from…
    Download it,install it, run it. Perform Quick Scan. Once scan is complete, click Show results-check all threats found and click Remove Threats.
    (As a small PS- i choose Superantispyware over MBAM(Malwarebytes), simply because MBAM is not what it used to be, and Superantispyware actually cleans up where MBAM failed)
    Step# 3 Download AVAST from…
    On the lest side, click DOWNLOAD NOW. Install, run it-remove found threats.
    Step# 4 Download Cleaner from…
    Cleaner is a very useful tool that cleans your computer of temp files, history and cookies. Its also used to fix any registry errors.
    You are done. Now restart your computer. Everything should be back to normal.
    Do not download more then necessary. One of the biggest myths and mistakes made by people in general, is thinking that the more anti virus programs you have installed on your computer the better it is.THAT IS A MISTAKE AND A MYTH. The reason for that is because anti virus programs counteract and overwrite each other, thus errors in removing viruses. One ativirus an one anti malware, is more then enough.
    Also- i recommend running AVAST, SUPERANTISPYWARE and Ccleaner once a week.

  4. sweep says:

    Never pay the ransom. You are infected with a virus. A) They won’t take the virus off, and B) depending on how you pay they can steal your credit card info.
    Start windows in Safe Mode, install a good anti-virus, and scan the computer. MalwareBytes can also be helpful.

  5. Tim says:

    Set your browser to block popups, don’t visit dodgy websites and install some antivirus

  6. Pete the File says:

    distroy your laptop and head for the hills.

  7. David says:

    Keep trying the F8 method – restart the computer and immediately after the splash screen hold down the F8 key, it should work
    The alternative it to get a window repair disk, reboot with that and see if you can get into safe mode as angel describes. You can make a repair disk from any working windows 7 machine as long as it is the same version 32bit or 64bit has to be the same, do a search on backup and follow the prompts, you will need a blank DVD
    You could try a factory recovery which will wipe everything off and return it to factory condition but you will lose all your additional files of course.
    For Samsung I think it may be the F4 key during boot up, if you watch the startup screen it may tell you briefly

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