My Mom Is Odd Because I Lost Her Christmas Present, Feel Like Commiting Suicide?

I lost a €50 voucher for a clothes shop I bought for my mom for christmas, I lost it after leaving it in my pocket. She is telling that I have no respect for money as I get it too easy , I now it was a large chunk of money and deeply regret losing it. I feel like commiting suicide due to it
Please help

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4 Responses to “My Mom Is Odd Because I Lost Her Christmas Present, Feel Like Commiting Suicide?”

  1. Zoey says:

    This time of year people get so stressed that they say and think things that normally wouldn’t matter. Your mother is upset because you lost some money, and she’s causing you feel guilty about it. But if you got to the bottom of it, you’d find that it’s probably not even about the money.
    When people are stressed, they take their frustrations out in other ways. Mothers have a difficult time during the holidays. It’s up to them to bring everything together. They have to make sure things go smoothly. Most everything that happens during the holidays, usually has a mother behind it all.
    Believe me, if your mother even had a clue that you were so upset that you’d even utter the word suicide, she’d be shocked, and then she’d be so upset and hurt she’d never get over it. It’s just a ridiculous cycle, so stop now.
    The best thing to do is go to your mother and ask her if you can help her. See if she needs you to help her in the kitchen, or just doing tasks like vacuuming, dusting, washing clothes, or just running errands. Maybe she needs you to help with relatives. Just ask her what you can do for her.
    Right now, I’d be so grateful if my son asked me what he could do to help me, (and if he actually meant it) that I wouldn’t care if he ever gave me anything again. The gift of time is better than anything money can buy. So just go to her, and see what you can do to help her.
    But no matter what the outcome is, just ask yourself this. Will this matter a year from now? You honestly can’t say it will matter. Losing money won’t be thought about next year. But you losing your life over it will always matter. So put things in perspective. Go to your mother, and just talk with her. Things will get better, I promise.
    I don’t know anyone who hasn’t lost money at some point. It’s part of life, and it’ll continue to be part of life. You aren’t the first person to lose it, and you won’t be the last. And if this is the worst thing going on in your life, you’re a very lucky person. Just hang in there … it’s going to be fine.

  2. Ben Dean says:

    Well there is always another years for try again. Or give a late christmas like I did few years ago. April late christmas gift.
    Don’t worry, someday you will become very rich and will laughed at yourself for losing £50.
    Even now, I laughed at myself for crying over few dollars because I got huge tons of money now.
    So don’t worry, not end of world.

  3. Joe says:

    Sounds like you have too much respect for money to me…
    Dude dont kill yourself over 50 bucks its pathetic. If you do everyone will be like “the f*ck??” and you’ll regret it so much.
    Dont be a fool, stay alive and play it cool 😛

  4. Ventus says:

    You feel like committing suicide..over losing something not THAT important..?
    And European folk say American’s are stupid..?

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