My Phone Will Not Accept Any Sim Card!?

Basically, all of a sudden my T-Mobile pay as you go sim card starts saying ”call failed” whenever I try calling someone and ”retries exceeded” whenever I try texting. The obvious thing to say is I have no credit, which is true. So then I try topping up by voucher I text 150, put in the voucher number and it say’s retries exceeded again. And again and again and again. I can’t even call 999 lol it say’s call #mm 5 failed or something like that. I ordered a new Tmobile free sim, pop it in my Blackberry and it say’s ‘Sim not provisioned2” WTF!!!?!? I call T-Mobile from a different phone, as my one will fail me for a reason I don’t know why and they do **** all! Some stupid ******* foreign call centre lady doesn’t help me so what should I do? Oh and I even tried an 02 Sim card and it says ”Invalid SIM card” despite my phone noticing it is an 02 one. What the **** has gone wrong with my phone? AND FOR THE LAST TIME IT’S NOT A MATTER OF CREDIT, BECAUSE I CAN’T EVEN ******* TOP UP.
And please, only UK answerer’s would help.

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