My Voucher Code For Allstars Battle Royale Doesnt Work Help Mee?

Here s the story i had a birthday on wednesday.I bought a ps3 with uncharted 3 and grand turismo 5.For a present my friends bought me playstation allstars battle royale if you are a fan of the naruto games you ll love it.It came with a voucher code but it doesnt work.I googled that but most people said it wasnt wraped but mine was with a seal and everything also they dont have ps3s or vitas why would they need it.I tought it was because i didnt have internet but we were playing L4D2 with ppl.It still doesnt work it had a country restriction but it s ok for mine(I live in Bulgaria btw). HELP there s another solution i think.Monday i m going to buy playstation plus for 90 days so yeah.

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One Response to “My Voucher Code For Allstars Battle Royale Doesnt Work Help Mee?”

  1. Lee Rolon says:

    Ask your friend were he bought the game and are you sure it was sealed with every new games material?
    Ask your friend also if he still has the receipt if he doesn’t its fine instead tell him to call the place were he bought it and let them know that the voucher code isn’t working and the game package was sealed
    they will look through their history to see if he’s bought anything in the past few days and it should sort the problem out
    Hope that helps.

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