Near Death Experiences: Visions Of Heaven Are Called “proof” Of Heaven By Christians?

What if a person had such an experience, identical in every way to the first, and reported that he went to the same place and heaven was full of prancing unicorns and cheeky leprechauns. I assume you’d discount that as a delusion.

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9 Responses to “Near Death Experiences: Visions Of Heaven Are Called “proof” Of Heaven By Christians?”

  1. Anil says:

    Because we all know an Oxygen deprived brain is a great source of information!

  2. Pedobear says:

    while different people see a different thing… or don’t see it at near death experience
    it was also proven to be false by scientists, which say it’s a dream-state where people
    remember random things that made him/her smile and make him/her comfortable and at peace
    which is why it varies
    after clinical death, persons brain still functions and to preserve it’s life it goes into comatose dream-state

  3. Susanna says:

    That’s how Christian logic works. Only things that agree with what they already believe are accepted, otherwise it can’t be true.

  4. Anon says:

    For every video on YouTube about somebody temporarily dying and going to Heaven or Hell, there’s a reincarnation video of a child who remembers a past life in detail.

  5. skips714 says:

    Yeah . tell that to the people who were born blind and then somehow saw something , yeah , it’s all brain chemistry…..NOT

  6. Tommy says:

    The word “proof” is proof of everything to Christians!!! No gods or devils exist anywhere outside of any ones improperly programed or brainwashed childishly unstable minds!!! If any god did exist we would all know it empirically with out any pretend fake belief of faith!!! Religions only concept of belief is telling big enough lies frequently enough to get tax free income for life!!!

  7. The Magic Leprechaun says:

    First off, we’re going by an “eyewitness” account of someone with an oxygen-deprived brain… Not only is the person experiencing something due to a dying brain, but eyewitness accounts of things are extremely unreliable.
    Also, many people describe seeing a “tunnel” during that time, and that is common, as the lack of oxygen to the brain causes tunnel vision. As for the actual visions of heaven? Well, we’re going by eyewitness accounts by people with dying brains. But maybe those visions are real, as kind of a coping mechanism- just a fanciful delusion fabricated by the mind to take the realization of death away from the individual.

  8. pepsi cola says:

    A real christian doesn’t need proof that heaven is real.

  9. Audcal says:

    Truth is it means nothing. On the Astral when a soul leaves the body it is relatively easy for negative entities to project and create places that seem like a paradise or heaven to fool simpletons into believing Christianity not to mention sometimes the soul can project or create what it expects to see in real life. If someone believed in prancing unicorns and cheeky lepricons strong enough or an entity wanted to project that for some reason it would appear to them. It means nothing and is a delusion. In order to know what the astral or spiritual world is really like a person must astral project. The entities that create this heaven thing are the same as the ones that try to scare us with the Hell projection and why not do that is what the entities think every once in awhile as many people write books or get others to believe nonsense with the NDE BS.

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