Need A Different Perspective?

I met this woman recently. I’ve known her for almost a year in this town that I have just moved into. My father passed away in July and it hit me hard, emotionally. Then I meet this woman who had her boyfriend pass away a few years ago and was also going through a break-up. At this time, I had started see a psychiatrist and they proscribed me anti-depressants. Anyway, I kept going back to see her, she works at a convenience store where they feature an item and reward employees who sale that item the most, and I began to like her more and more as I got to know her. I started to care for her alot and so I began to buy the ‘featured item’ every time she was working. At first I would take whatever it was with me, be it crackers, rice krispy bars, etc. but then I started giving her the items. This lasted for a few months and then it started to get weird once the antidepressants began to kick in. I couldn’t differentiate whether I was falling in love with her or if I just cared for her deeply. One day, this guy came in who turned out to be her new boyfriend annd I started to have a bad reaction to the antidepressants. I began to shake, I asked her if she had any friends who might be interested in going on a date with a guy like me, then for some reason I asked Her out… and I, ashamed to say, said ‘what am i doing? i just want to be friends’
I avoided that convenience store, like the plague, for months after that until my mom started to tell me that she keeps asking her about me
so i went back
I was still recovering from the side effects of the antidepressant so I don’t think my judgement was 100%
I figured that if I love this woman as much as I feel that I do
then I would want her to be happy no matter what
even if it is with another man
so I bought her car so they could afford to pay for a new apartment
And now
I see her every so often and I suppose we are friends in a semi-superficial sort of way.
Except how she looks at me certain times and other little things that make me wonder if maybe she does truly have feelings for me. Do you think she may be afraid to truly fall in love because of the love that she had lost? maybe she doesn’t want to experience that kind of heartbreak again

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One Response to “Need A Different Perspective?”

  1. Minns says:

    You bought her car ?? WTF man…

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