Need Advice From Job Seekers?

Attention Job Seekers. I’m working on creating a job board in the public policy arena.
Need your advice.
1. What are some things you’d like to see on a niche job board, besides jobs. Note: we are not trying to compete against Monster or Careerbuilder.
2. Do you post your resume on Niche Job Board websites: a) Always b) sometimes c) never If sometimes, please explain why? What made you post your resume on that Niche Job Board.
3. What are some things you’d like to see besides job postings? We’d like to also offer other things to our job seekers. For instance would you want on-demand classes? If so, what would you want to see? How much would you be willing to pay? What about ebooks? Again, what kind of reading material would you be interested buying?
4) All job seekers will be able to access jobs and post resumes for FREE. There will never be a charge for basic features. However, if job seekers upgrade their account, their resume will be highlighted and refreshed weekly to stay on top of all the other resumes, we’ll also offer discounts on resume/career services and we’ll include a list of 20-30 recruiters specific to this niche. We’re thinking about charging $9.99 for the upgrade to premium job seeker account members. Does this seem fair? And would you be willing to pay for an upgrade. If so, what kinds of features would you be willing to pay for?
Thanks for the information

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