Need Advice On What To Do?

Ok me and my ex girlfriend are having a boy in November we got lucky and found out early the sex. She is 15 weeks pregnant she broke up with me 2 weeks ago but before she got pregnant our relationship was great and everything was nice she seemed to care for me so much and everything but as soon as she got pregnant things changed. She became distant and not caring. We talked last night and she said that once she became pregnant she didn’t see us being together forever and had no feelings for me anymore. She says she cares for me so much and loves I’m going be the father of the baby. And even with us being broke up she has sent me pictures of the baby bump and talked about names. But we never fought before the pregnancy and since she became pregnant all we have done is fought. We have tried to talk about visitations when he is born and she even said i could stay with her for s month or two to be there to help. People say its hormones but after talking to her last night I have my doubts it is. I want to be in my sons life everyday but I want his mother in my life everyday as well can anyone tell me if this is hormones or is it more to it and what should I do.

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2 Responses to “Need Advice On What To Do?”

  1. maryam says:

    Well yes sounds like my sister everytime she gets pregnant she’s left her husband , it gets worse throughout the pregnancy but as soon as baby is born she loves her hubby again, give ur gf space but be available at all times give her little surprises like a voucher for a day at the spa or take her out for picnic remind her why she loved u, and show her u r apart of wat she’s going thru good luck

  2. El Jefe says:

    If you are a good and loving father, and help her out a lot after the baby is born, she may start singing a different tune. Caring for a newborn can be very draining, and if you’re around to provide the help and support she needs, you may find each other reconnecting.

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