Need Answers For The Following Marketing Management Mcq?

1) Relying on previous experience with the product, consumers will chooseit, when available, over a competitor’s product in the brand loyalty stage of
(a). Brand preference (b). Brand recognition (c).Brand Insistence (d). Brand Loyalty
2) The stage in the adoption process reached when an individual learns about a new product but lacks information about it is called
(a) Awareness (b) Interest (c) Adoption (d) Trail
3) The direct marketing channel of producer to ultimate user is
(a) The best, as evidence by the larger sales volume that moves along this route
(b) Used by firms such as Mary Kay Cosmetics, Tupperware, Amway and Dell Computers
(c) The channel through which more than 45% of all consumer goods move from producer to consumer
(d) Used less for industrial goods than for consumer goods
4) Business firms that operate in the marketing channel between producers and consumers or industrial users are called marketing
(a) Intermediaries (b) Connections (d) facilitators (d) Handlers
5) Marketing channels for services tend to
(a) Include industrial distributors
(b) Be shorter than traditional consumer channels
(c) Be longer than traditional producer channels
(d) Be more complex than consumer or industrial channels
6) Manufacturers? Representatives
(a) Sell goods to manufacturers only as an independent sales force
(b) Provide small manufacturers with an independent sales force to ca on wholesaler
(c) Sell directly to consumers from their manufacturer
(d) Serve as source of marketing information
7) Time and place utility are enhanced by wholesaling when the wholesaler
(a) Provides credit or financing opportunities
(b) Stores goods available for sale at convenient locations
(c) Provides product information
(d) Takes title to goods
8) If a wholesaling intermediary takes physical custody of an monitors a product while the product is not in transit , the function being performed is
(a) Producing the product
(b) Transportation
(c) Computerizes tracking
(d) Storage
9) Promotional strategy is most closely linked to the process of
(a) Product development
(b) Physical distribution
(c) Target marketing
(d) Communication
10) One of the objectives of promotion is to
(a) Increase form utility
(b) Provide time and place utility
(c) Obtain information from consumers
(d) Accenture the value of the product
11) Advertising is a particularly appropriate promotional medium for
(a) Preconsumer goods
(b) Large, geographically disperses markets
(c) Low-priced industrial goods
(d) High-priced consumer goods
12) Basing promotional spending on achieving certain goals is known as the
(a) Fixed goal procedure
(b) Percentage-objective system
(c) Task-objective method
(d) Objective parity policy
13) Promotion can be viewed as a positive force in society because
(a) Its messages reach your children
(b) It can foster change for the better
(c) Nonprofit organisations find it too expensive
(d) It is entertaining
14) B2B stands for
(a) Business to board
(b) Board to business
(c) Business to basic
(d) Business to business
15) Which statement is true
(a) B2c- business to consumer
(b) C2c- consumer to consumer
(c) B2b- business to business
(d) All of these
16) marketing-
(a) is the management process which identifies anticipates and supplies customer requirements efficiently and profitably
(b) is the integrated analysis , planning and control of product , price, promotion and distribution to create exchanges and satisfy customer and organisational needs
(c) marketing is the part of marketing management
(d) all of these
17) the marketing plan provides both
(a) the vision and control
(b) the vision and the direction
(c) The vision and the cost
(d) the vision and the post
18) marketing is
(a) essential an operational and purposive pursuit
(b) a cost of product
(c) a cost of service
(e) an expenses
19) which is the element of marketing mix?
(a) product (b) price (c) promotion (d) all of these
20) which is the first p’s of marketing mix as per Mc carthy?
(a) product (b) price (c) promotion (d) place

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