Need Financial Help Spaying And Neutering My Cats?

i have two cats, one boy and one girl, who i love dearly. unfortunately i only work part time and simply cannot afford to get them fixed. is there any place where i can get financial help? or some sort of discount?
very much appreciated!
*preferably Vancouver, BC CANADA*
Thank u

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2 Responses to “Need Financial Help Spaying And Neutering My Cats?”

  1. angel says:

    Go to local shelters or rescue centers and explain your stituation and ask for help

  2. Mercy Mercy Mr. Percy says:

    Then why on earth did you get unaltered cats? You could have adopted kittens or cats from a shelter and they would have already been altered – and everything else.
    There’s low cost and even free spay/neuter programs. Just Google where you live to find them. Sites that I have only show ones in the States.
    If you can’t find one near you N.O.A.H. in Stanwood, WA does them for I think $20/$25. That’s only about an hour South of the border. Not sure if they allow people from BC to participate but it’s worth a try.

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