Need Help Accident In B And M Paint Involved No Injurys But Clothes Ruined What Can I Do?..?

I was in a B and M store on Saturday when another customer atempted to get a 15 liter bucket of paint down off top shelf, the paint fell and covered him but also me as it hit the floor and splatted all up my colthes ( was not happy as I was just walking down ailse) A employee came over and told us all to stand still while she called her manager. When manger finally arrived she was very abrupt in fact rude and just looked and said can you not read the sign it say ask for assistance ! So I informed her that I was nothing to do with it and never touched the paint, she then went on to tell me to go to customer service and leave detail (no appolagie or offer to help clean myself or even.towl) I went over to customer service left my.details manger came over to say head office would contact me Tuesday as shut till then, (still no appolagie or towl) off I went home , left it till tuesday afternoon still not heard from.head office so called them was.told area manger would be in touch by end of day Never got the call rang back Wednesday told the same in fact promised me area manager would be in touch no call again. So Thursday got on phone told them yet again how un happy I was and demanded call off area manger, he rang that afternoon after a few conversations with told him what happend what I was wearing he rang back and basicly told me that.the shop was not liable (as a another customer droped paint so I should chase them). the store manger.said I just had a few splashs of paint on me and that I was a liar as I said I had ugg boots on and I had flat shoes on ( never said boots I had ugg pumps on did state this) all he was prepared to offer was 20 pound voucher and appolagie
I went on to tell him that I was not happy with that I would a least expect the value of clothes to be refunfed and asked for his managers details he refused to give me this so I asked him to put in writting his.decision refused again.
please help me!! Can I take this further

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2 Responses to “Need Help Accident In B And M Paint Involved No Injurys But Clothes Ruined What Can I Do?..?”

  1. Cool says:

    Call the police

  2. Pajama Party says:

    You can get a lawyer and sue them in civil court.

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