Need Help Finding Rat Playpen?

Right i need to find a playpen for my rats as they have learnt how to get off my bed and my girls won’t come back to me yet.
It needs to be foldable, so that i get get it out everyday an put it back.
I saw this but its made from material so i’m guessing my rats will chew through it?…
What do you think? i tried making a home made one but they ended up jumping out (they are little escape artists!) Thanks for your help 🙂

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3 Responses to “Need Help Finding Rat Playpen?”

  1. BlueAppl says:

    That playpen looks good, just make sure it’s tall enough so they can’t jump out. They might chew it, they might not, it really depends on the rat.

  2. mikanaja says:

    It would work for a temporary enclosure, infact I think it would be good for my rats when going out onto the patio. My rats are no longer contained to the bed, and a good next step could be a table with newspaper on it, and a few play things to climb over and in. Another idea is to lock them into the bathroom with you, set up a blanket on the floor to sit in and train them to come to their name (give them small reward when they do respond). If your rats will come to you when called, they can be let down in a room with no easy access to cords (ie up off the ground, or use an old hose, cut length wise, and wrap around the cords to protect them from the rats).
    Another idea – old baby pen, wooden, with chicken wire held in place by a staple gun.

  3. Gee says:

    Try lister drive fisheries they do all sorts in the thats were i go. Or there pets4home. Or c&d. 🙂

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