Need Help Ukash Rip Off?

Hi I made a deposit to a website with a ukash voucher but my funds never went into my account so I had to call both company’s and I was told an error on the websites ukash deposit thing occured when I deposited so ukash said it was down to the website to cough up my money so after more and more phone calls they just kept giving me the same old just wait just wait so I left it for over 24 hours I call ukash back this time I’m angry so I start going at this guy and he turns around and said your money got lost we don’t have your money on our system it say it went though to the website but they cant see that it did and it looks like the website have lost it through this error now at this point I’m boiling over lol I said how can this happen? He said he didn’t know and it’s up to the website to cough up my cash but there not going to so what can I do people can I take legal action ? Or do I just walk away and forget it because this has never happened befour please help thank you

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One Response to “Need Help Ukash Rip Off?”

  1. Maya says:

    Never call customer support when you’re angry. Ranting won’t get you anywhere.

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