Need Help With 2 Job Opportunities?

I just got hired to work as a seasonal sale floor member and had told the hiring manager I was available anytime. Yesterday sum1 informed me a school was looking for sum1 to look after kids so I would like to go talk to them on Monday for this position.if they were to ask me when I’m available what should I say since I still don’t recieve my target schedule. I don’t want to quit since I just got hired and it mite just be for only 2 months so extra cash won’t hurt. Would telling them that I got hired at target for seasonal ruin my chances of getting their offer or should I just not mention it???

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One Response to “Need Help With 2 Job Opportunities?”

  1. Si-tu An says:

    If it’s a better job go for it.
    If you tell them you’ve just started at another job, you get full marks for honesty but
    If I were interviewing you, I wouldn’t give you the job.
    If you’re willing to drop your present employer in the S H T.You might do the same to me. I would want to employ a reliable trustworthy person. Not you!
    Don’t volunteer the information but answer truthfully if asked, and point out that its only a temporary position.

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