Need Help With My Gaming Rigs Cpu Heatsinks?

Hi everyone!
I’m building my new computer and i am not sure what CPU cooler to get.
My Spec
Intel 3770k
Sabertooth z77
Nvidia Geforce GTX 670 FTW Edition
8GB Corsair Vengance RAM
1TB Caviar Black HDD
Corsair TX750 watt PSU
Zalman z11 Case
So I have been looking around for some Cpu heatsinks and have found that interest me, i will link from amazon below.
Zalman CNPS 9900
Corsair h60
Corsair h80i
I really like the look of the Zalman CNPS 9900 (but its not about looks)
So the price for these 3 is sort of different i don’t want to go over the £75
so my question is
1) Which will be better for over clocking, i plan to overclock my i7 3770k in the future
2) Is there a lot of difference between the h60 and h80i
3) Are the Liquid cooling safe?
It would be very much appreciated if you answer any of the questions, also let me know what you would go for and any advice would be awesome, thankyou in advance guys!

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3 Responses to “Need Help With My Gaming Rigs Cpu Heatsinks?”

  1. BlueBeac says:

    I’m not joking, I have pretty much same specs but a 680, I chose the h80i and run at 4.6GHz, but I would suggest 4.5, as will be stable, anything above 83 degrees is getting a bit dodgy for a CPU.

  2. Kiefer says:

    I’d go for the h80i personally after reading reviews, it’s minimal, really the only difference your going to see is difference in paste you using when applying them. Ensure a fine grained silvers formula.
    Liquid cooling is perfectly safe, if its fitted correctly, but there are guides to this, as long a the pipes are secured its perfectly fine, and it allows over locking to new limits that coolers just can’t reach.
    Ideally if you would brave it, you’d go for a liquid mineral case and cooling system where the entire pc including psu is submerged in mineral oil. YouTube has many videos on this it’s really cool!!

  3. Mackie says:

    Yes I got a H80i as well and my i5 3570K is around 18-21 celsius rising up to 45-50 celsius load. The differences are H60 doesn’t have CorsairLink2 software and H80i cools better. This software is very cool by the way and I like it. Yes liquid cooling is safe.
    This software is the same for both H80i and H100i. There are screenshots down below…
    Yes it’s not cheap but get what you pay for. Forget that Zalman cooler if you’re looking for air cooling, Thermalright TrueSpirit 120M is excellent for LGA 1155 and only cost around £25
    My answer is H80i because it’s better for overclocking and excellent cooling however you can overclock well with the Thermalright as well.

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