Need Help With These Algebra Questions! Please?

2. An electronics store makes a profit of $55 for every standard CD player sold and $77 for every portable CD player sold. The manager’s goal is to make at least $385 a day on sales of both standard and portable CD players. If s represents the number of standard CD players sold, and p represents the number of portable CD players sold, which inequality and graph represent the manager’s daily goal?
A. Graph A
B. Graph B
C. Graph C
D. Graph D
3. Classify the system.
x – y = -3
-3x + 2y = 3
A. independent
B. inconsistent
C. dependent
6. A graph of a system of three linear equations in three variables is shown below. How many solutions does the system have?
A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. infinitely many
7. In chemistry, Charles Law states that if the pressure remains constant, the volume of an ideal gas varies directly with the temperature in degrees Kelvin. Suppose a gas has a volume of 100 mL at 250°K. Which proportion could you use to find the volume v of the gas if the temperature decreases to 150°K?
A. 100/250 = 150/v
B. 250/150 = v/100
C. 100/250 = v/150
D. 100/150 = 250/v

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