Need Help With Whether To Get A Ps3 Or Xbox360?

Ok, i already own a PS3, but I usually can’t go on it because someone else is either watching TV or on it (my dad normally). So I’ve seen the Xbox360 320 GB Halo 4 limited edition which comes with some nice things, also a lot of my friends have Xbox360.
I know Xbox costs money, but getting a £40 XBL voucher a year gold isn’t too bad+they use the money for better online security. I really want the new halo 4 because my old Xbox360 broke (RROD) and i still have its games which are halo 3 and COD 3 and some others.
I could also get another PS3 but then again, the only reason would be to go on it whenever I want.
I am so in decisive so someone help me 🙂

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3 Responses to “Need Help With Whether To Get A Ps3 Or Xbox360?”

  1. Timmy says:

    i would go with ps3 they are way better

  2. ZGirl Gamer says:

    Technically you get way more for your buck with the PS3, and it won’t break down nearly as easily as a 360. PS3’s have a failure rate of only 11% whereas 360’s have a failure rate of 56% (which is just plain unacceptable I might add.)
    Anyway, since you have friends with a 360 and you don’t mind paying for the online and such (which I hope you plan on buying for yourself with your own money) then there’s no reason to not get a 360. Just keep in mind their average life span is only about 2 years because they break down from the RROD or something else whereas a PS3’s average life span is 7 years. There’s a big difference there. Do you want good quality that will last you years and years with decent services for free, is a mini supercomputer and multimedia station as well as good games both shared and exclusive (PS3) or do you want something that’s only really meant to game, break down quickly, and has a few good exclusive games and tons of shared games (360)?
    I’d personally go with the PS3 in that sense. But again, there is no reason for you to not get a 360, especially since your friends have it too and you want the exclusives it has. There’s nothing wrong with that and it’s always nice to have the option of playing either a PS3 or 360 as well.
    Hope that helps.

  3. february says:

    Me and my friends fight about this everyday at school.
    1. Plays Blu-Ray DVDs
    2. Supports 3D games
    3. Free multiplayer
    4. PSN actually gave us FULL games when it got hacked as a thank you to us
    Still up to you to decide though.

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