Need Opinions On Acn.?

I need some honest opinions on this company. I know two friends in it that are currently making money and are actually successful to an extent. One works minimum wage with me and he makes more money there than he does at our shitty wage job. Both seem to be doing well yet when I first heard of it a year ago I saw scam everytime I googled acn. Here’s the thing, it does not look like a scam, makes sense and its not a pyramid scheme. Now, as for actually realizing if it is easy to make money or if the average person can make money that is my question. What do you guys think of acn? And please, no idiots screaming scam or pyramid scheme, no idiots who don’t think and are close minded please. Thank you. So as for actual opinions, what is your experience with the company and did you make any money? How are your services with acn? All those details that help me understand if acn is ethical or not. I hear a lot of people saying you have to lie to get sales but…isnt that what you do when you do face to face marketing? And I’m sure you don’t have to lie if the services are real. Also I know ACN sells services from other companies so hear in Canada, the offer Bell services through acn so I have no idea where the scam from that comes from. Anyways, any help would be appreciated thanks!

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