Need Some Advice On My Eldest Daughter?

She is 23. I had her quite young when I was 16. I did not do the best job raising her but she was never starved, neglected or what have you, she was very spoilt by my parents. She had a quite good upbringing all in all. I have two other young toddlers who I am devoted to.
My eldest daughter moved out when she was 18, and has three young children of her own. She constantly blames things on me. I was in hospital a few years back after major surgery to remove a tumor and she text me saying “I hate you. I’m messed up because of you.” Simply because I couldn’t afford to get her a Christmas present that year (due to being off work with cancer). It all went down hill from there – she became a meth addict, and with her two young children involved I called CPS. She managed to sober up and moved away from her abusive husband. I CONSTANTLY helped her out – buying her groceries, giving wardrobes of clothes to the children, giving her petrol vouchers etc, despite having to raise my own family, and no thank you or anything.
I paid for her to move down to my town, truck hire, actually got her the house through a friend etc and since she’s been here she’s been ignoring me.
Her sons birthday was on the 21st April – she text me at 7am that morning asking (actually it was more demanding) that she use my oven to cook her pork and chicken – for my grandsons party I WASN’T invited to… I have to cook the meal but am not invited?
Same thing today. It is her daughters birthday tomorrow, and she text me asking to use my oven to bake a cake. We are not invited to anything though.
I buy Easter eggs, birthday gifts etc for he children but she has never bought any for my children – despite now having a well paying job. She avoids me if she can. I feel she is using me. Often texts asking for some milk and bread – I always give in because I don’t want my grandchildren to starve. I fear she may be back on the drugs as she has no money despite her well paying job. She never replies to my texts

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3 Responses to “Need Some Advice On My Eldest Daughter?”

  1. Kristi says:

    Get a lawyer. You have Grandparents rights. Call CPS again. They will go in and inspect and that should put your mind at ease some.

  2. ae_los3r says:

    stop giving her things. as long as youre there to give her money or whatever she needs, she wont give two craps about managing her own. prime example, my moms bf would give his 24 & 22 year old money whenever they called which was two or three times a week- $50 a time. they wouldn’t keep a job and get their act together. why? they had dad right there giving them what they need. i know this sounds bad, but you may have to let her hit rock bottom or she’ll stay where she is

  3. y says:

    Nothing except accept that fact that she doesn’t give a crap and will use you for everything you have. She hasn’t done anything to you that you haven’t allowed her to do. Learn to say no or live with the crap.

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