Need Some Help With My Resume?

Sorry ahead of time if there are any errors or anything gets auto corrected wrong as I am posting this from my phone.
Anyway I am looking for a new job in sales/customer service. At my last job I never officially got promoted as my title was still just customer service representative, but I had way more responsibility than any other customer service reps there, so I was wondering if there was a way I could some how put that in my resume to make me stand out a little more from other people with the same job title/experience. I know most of it i should talk about in the interview but I want to be able to stand out enough to get an interview in the first place, so if you can help I would really appreciate it.
So I was a customer service rep taking inbound calls had to help troubleshoot, order parts, sell accessories, and extended warranties. So that is what everyone else did too.
So here is all the stuff I had to do: Right after my 2 month probation period I was granted password access for certain things that no one else was able to get till they had worked there at least 4 months since I was doing so well. Along with taking regular customer calls I was the only one in the call center that would receive emails from the marketing department of customers that needed follow up and I would either email or call the customer. I would also be the one to call certain customers back at the request of the corporate office and if there were very upset customers I was also the one that would have to call them back and take care of them. I was one of maybe 4 people that were able to give discounts and offer certain products without a supervisors approval.
I was also in a select few in our department that was able to sell full product instead of just parts. Was also one of the select few specially trained to take that they called “corporate calls” which was calls from stores and technicians and help them troubleshoot or set up orders.
I also have won several contests for sales that were like higher commission percentages r a bonus or gift cards, tv etc but nothing I can really prove I guess.
So I’m just wondering if and how I can add any of the extra stuff I had to do, since as you see I did a lot more than most, I am a fast learner and hard worker and I want them to see that. Thank you!

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One Response to “Need Some Help With My Resume?”

  1. AskWilli says:

    I get that you want to look better than the other applicants on your resume but be careful to not sound “over qualified”. It’s great to mention your job responsibilities briefly highlighting your extra duties. Definitely mention those contest wins using terms like: exceeded sales performance goals/expectations etc. Just don’t make yourself sound like a manager if your going for entry level. Good Luck!

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