Need Some Math Help, Please. Doing Practice For Ged After 40 Yrs Out Of School.?

Today I did practice problems in Math. Thought I knew what I was doing, seems I don’t. Am hoping that if I put up the problems someone will help me out. Not just give me the answer but show how it was arrived at. Will award points. Thanks in advance.
1. Find the total cost of the meal: Ham and Cheese $3.75, Salad $2.50, Cola $1.50, 5 1/2% sales tax, and 10% tip.
2. You have a $20 bill. You and your friend ordered two roast beef wraps 4.50ea., one soup 2.25, one fries 1.50, and two coffees .90ea.. If the tax is 5% and the tip is 15%, what change did you receive back from the $20?
3. What is the difference between the most expensive item(roast beef wrap)$4..50 and least expensive item on the menu(coffee) $.90, including 6% tax and 15% tip, to the nearest cent?
I could have sworn I had them right. Now I am a little confused.

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One Response to “Need Some Math Help, Please. Doing Practice For Ged After 40 Yrs Out Of School.?”

  1. sharp_sh says:

    1. 3.75+ 2.50 + 1.50 = 7.75
    multiply by the % tax and divide by 100
    (7.75 X 5.5)/100 = .426 or .43
    now add that to the total 7.75 + .43 is 8.18
    for the tip u dont include the sales tax
    (7.75 X 10)/100 is .775 or .78 cents
    now add them together
    8.18 + .78 is 8.96
    same thing for the others

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