Net Present Value Calculations?

Advanced Tech Ltd is proposing the construction of a new plant in Singapore. It has recently completed a $3,000,000, two-year feasibility study on its latest project. It estimated that 50,000 units of its new geothermal heat pump could be sold annually over the next ten years at a price of $30,000 each. Subcontractors would install the pump at a cost of $5,000 per installation. Fixed costs of $5 million per annum will be incurred. The initial outlay includes $100 million to build production facilities and $30 million in land. The $100 million facility will be depreciated using the prime cost method over the project’s life (fully depreciated at the end of the project). At the conclusion of the project the facilities (including the land) will be sold for an estimated value of $50 million.
The firm pays taxes at a 30% rate in the year of income. It uses a 12% discount rate on the new project. Using the NPV pproach, determine whether the project should be undertaken (use the tax rate provided in your analysis).
So far I have worked out that the cash flows equal:
50,000 units x $30,000= 1,500,000,000
less 50,000 units x $5000 = 250,000,000
less $5,000,000 fixed costs
totalling $1,245,000,000
The initial outlay equals:
$100,000,000 facility
$30,000,000 land
$3,000,000 feasibility study
totalling – $133,000,000
The facility depreciates by $100,000 per year
(using this calculation: 100,000,000 * 365/365 * 100%/10 years)
the formula we have been given is NPV = [ ACF/(1-k)^t ] – IO
how do I use the tax rate, the depreciation of facilities and the sale of facilities and land for 50 million in this equation
Thankyou for your help!

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