Netherlands' train) How can I get a discount for booking tickets?

I’m going to NL next month, but before I go there, I need to book my ticket.
I’ve found the site
As you can see, there are full-fared and discounted fare,
How can I get discount from there?
Booking early? If I am a student below 26years old, can I get student/youth discount?
Is the discount only for NUS, or the elderly?
Please help me!

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2 Responses to “Netherlands' train) How can I get a discount for booking tickets?”

  1. U_S_S_Enterprise says:

    (frequent) travellers in The Netherlands can purchase a ‘kortingskaart’ (discount card).
    When you travel in off-peak hours, you get a 40% discount on your train tickets.

    If you do not have this – you cannot get a discount with advance booking.
    However, if you have a friend in The Netherlands with a "OV studentenkaart" "jaartrajectkaart" or "OV jaarkaart" he/she is allowed to take up to 3 people that then also qualify for a discount.

    The only way for you to get a discount is to purchase a discount card (55 eur) otherwise.

    Youth discounts:
    Up to 4 – travel free
    Up to 12 – Kid`s ticket (Railrunner) (2,50 eur / if accompanied by an adult with valid ticket)
    Other discounts are only with discount card.

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