New Build Os.. Windows 7.. How To Set Up?

Im building my first computer, ive chosen windows 7 for the operating system but im wondering how to actually start my pc for the first time?
Im buying it here:
is this the correct software i need for windows 7? i notice it says “intended for system builders only”, does that apply to me as im building a pc haha? or is it intended for higher ability computer fans?
*- if it is wrong could anyone tell me where to buy the correct disk please? 🙂
and then do i just start the pc up with the windows 7 disk in the tray?
im thinking of the drivers for graphics card etc.. i dont have anyway to download them without the OS.. will just putting Win7 in as it turns on the first time work?
many thanks 🙂

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3 Responses to “New Build Os.. Windows 7.. How To Set Up?”

  1. Dave Dudish says:

    OEM are the OS builds that come pre installed on pre built pc’s so the manafactuer of that pc can add their own programs to it.
    Not suitable for what you’re doing

  2. Final Blanked says:

    The OEM version is tied supposed to be tied to a single computer. That is, legally, you cannot install Windows 7 with that version on any other computer. If the computer you are building dies, then your license dies too. With a retail version, you can transfer your license to as many computers as you’d like.
    Apparently, the OEM version does work just like a normal version if you are installing it on one computer. It also is quite a bit cheaper. You’ll have to decide if you think the risk of having just one license is worth it.
    As for installing, boot from DVD. Depending on your motherboard, the key for this is different, but it’s commonly F12 or F2. Press this repeatedly while your computer is booting up, and you will see a little window pop up that says ‘Boot menu’. Select CD/DVD, put in your DVD first, then hit enter. This should start the installation.

  3. Tarun says:

    unsual but its ok….when u will get ur windows dvd…ya ofcource u have to put it into the dvd rom tray then restart ur pc from reset button on cabinet….than go to bios menu…press the key which ur pc says when it just starts up….ok i can tell u…it must be the delete button on keyboard or the F12 ….u must be sure…than in bios menu ….open everything one by one from begining and try to find first boot device, second boot device, etc…..go to first boot device select cd rom here….and go to than second boot device select hdd here….ur done press esc …to return to main there must be aoption saying exit and save goto it press enter when u try to open an option….ao it will ask y or n …press y and enter….ur pc will be rebooted….man u gotta understand many more things to install an os….get help from a professinal

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